About Balance


Company origins

Balance was started in Sydney by Peter Maher and Martin Chalk. After being introduced to the naturopathic category of Flower Essences they realized they could produce a functional wellness beverage that was non-flavored. They did this by combining Peter’s extensive beverage experience and Martin’s biochemistry experience.

Balance started with very humble origins and is now sold in Australia, Asia, America and Europe and operates offices in New York, Sydney and Cologne. Balance is deeply committed to the environment, natural products and improving peoples well being.


Martin Chalk

Martin graduated with a degree in  Biochemistry and Immunology and worked for several years in Clinical Pathology and Medical Research. He then ventured to Europe and worked in the computer software industry before moving to the States. It was in Boston that Martin co-founded an image enabling software company and this began a string of successful software startups during the heady days of the late nineties. After a stint in Paris at a computational linguistics firm, Martin returned to Sydney. Martin now lives in NYC which he very much enjoys as long as he can get to an Australian beach every now and then.


Peter Maher

Peter has been in the beverage industry for most of his career, living and working throughout Asia, Europe and the US. He holds a degree in Commerce from the University of New South Wales. Peter now lives in New York.