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The On Off Cycle


In the pursuit of happiness many of us are constantly on the go, searching for something greater and more fulfilling in our lives.  This may be a bigger house, a new car or even a new life.   Chasing unfulfilled dreams puts a lot of pressure on the body and mind and it’s easy to lose sight of the essence of life and what it all means. 

For many of us, we constantly ignore our body’s signals to slow down, but then we wonder why we can’t focus or get more done and spend our nights awake, worrying, fearing the worst and thinking that we will never attain our dreams. Lack of sleep causes us to feel tired the next day, have less focus and drive, which in turn creates a never ending 24 hour cycle of discontentment.  Our bodies have become permanently switched on and for many of us we just don’t know how to decompress. 

Have you noticed that nowadays in the digital age it’s very challenging for you to naturally wind down, so you can finally get the rest your body’s been needing? Our days have become jam-packed with activity, meetings, phone conversations, hundreds of emails, people dropping in, messages, work being thrown at us, and one thing after another.  

It’s difficult at the best of times to maintain calm and focus in the midst of a workday and stress levels can steadily rise with each request and interruption of our time.

That’s when many of us turn to artificial stimulants such as caffeine and energy drinks to give us energy and keep us going during the day.  The problem is, caffeine can exacerbate or even cause stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia because it interferes with a tranquilizing neurotransmitter chemical in the brain called adenosine. Research shows that caffeine and the caffeine contained in energy drinks increases secretion of particular stress hormones such as adrenaline, so if you are already under a certain amount of stress caffeine will increase these levels further exacerbating your symptoms.

When it comes to winding down at night it’s even more difficult because of the effect that the artificial stimulants have had on our body and the chemicals involved which are still working their way around in our systems.  This process keeps our bodies in a constant state of high alert and then you either spend another night awake or for the majority of people, use another artificial substance to help get to sleep such as sleep aids or insomnia medication. 

Breaking this 24 hour cycle is important for long term mental and physical health and wellbeing.  There are a number of simple tried and true methods to balance your body and break the 24 hr ON cycle.

Did you know that your body can be trained to switch OFF at night for a restful night’s sleep and switch ON during the day to achieve mental clarity and focus? Here are a few tips that will help;


Technology is wonderful but it has its time and place.  Knowing when to turn it off and enjoy down time is very important. Going offline and shutting off the outside world for a while and turning off all computers, phones and devices will give you the opportunity to reconnect with you and help to lower stress levels. The more that you rest in the evening, the more productive you will be during actual work time. It’s also good to take mini breaks during the day, get outside in the fresh air and come back with a new perspective.  If you don’t work in an office or online, take breaks during the day from worrying about problems and slow down the constant mind chatter.

Take a Breath

Remember to breathe and take time out to breathe deeply.  The best way to do this is to take a large breath, hold it for up to 10 seconds, then exhale as slowly as possible.  Just feel all your anxieties and worries float away with the outgoing breath.  You can repeat this up to 10 times. It will calm your body and your mind.


Getting the right kind of tired is the key.  Exercise will help you increase your energy levels and help you fully rest and have ultimate relaxation. Just like when you lay around and don’t do anything for a few days and it makes you feel even more tired, exercise has a similar effect by actually energizing you.  If you work without taking breaks and exercising this will take away your focus.  Staying active gives you mental and physical energy to achieve your goals.

Have a Nanna Nap

Mexicans  have their afternoon siestas and Mediterraneans have their time outs and now studies have shown that  the humble Nanna Nap can dramatically improve performance and significantly reduce levels of stress hormones .  Longer than a power nap and shorter than a proper sleep, taking a thirty minute nap during the day can be refreshing for the mind and body and give you a break from the everyday stresses of life resulting in more focus and concentration. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential for good health.  Did you know that water makes up more than half of your body weight?  Taking care of yourself and keeping hydrated is an important element when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing. Your body depends on water for survival and you lose water just from daily activities such as going to the bathroom, sweating, and even when you breathe. Balance Mind is a water which is infused with Australian Bush Flower essences to help you calmly focus, concentrate and multi-task. Drinking the right kind of water to help you focus means no more caffeine crashes, sugar spikes, carb cravings or energy drink after effects. 

When it comes to stopping, relaxing and putting your feet up and slowly exhaling the stresses of the day you can enjoy a restful evening and peaceful night’s sleep without all the mind chatter with Balance Relax .  Infused with Bottlebrush for coping with change and Grey Spider to help calm feelings of fear and worry it will give you the ultimate good night’s sleep.


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    Response: Christian Pellerin
    Thank you for these helpful tips. Some days it's true that it's harder to wind down.
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    Balance Blog - Journal - The On Off Cycle
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    Balance Blog - Journal - The On Off Cycle
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    Balance Blog - Journal - The On Off Cycle
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    Balance Blog - Journal - The On Off Cycle
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    Balance Blog - Journal - The On Off Cycle

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