Flower Essences and the Placebo Effect

There is something amazing about the affect flower essences have on children and animals that defy the most enthusiastic fault-finder.

Critics believe that the benefits produced from the use of flower essences are actually as a result of the placebo effect, dispelling advice from practitioners extolling the virtues of their energetic healing and emotional wellbeing properties.

Skeptics feel that a person’s faith and positive mental attitude surrounding the use of flower essences, can create a shift in emotional wellbeing.  

Flower essence practitioners however, believe that it is the energetic signature of the flower that creates the positive emotional change in a person.  This is because each flower contains its own unique energy force. 

The field is divided in their theories, with some practitioners believing that essences may act upon neurotransmitters in the brain and other practitioners believing that a flower essence's vibrational healing pattern mends imbalances in the human energy field. 

Whilst the community is at loggerheads over their own conclusions, if you look closely at the medicinal use of flower essences which have been used for centuries, there is one very interesting factor that defies the critics and that is the effect that they have upon animals and infants.

They say never work with animals and children but in the case of flower essences and their use, they are the most laidback group to work with! Animals and children both have faster results and are more receptive to the benefits of flower essences. Flower essences are widely used not just within the canine fraternity but also with a variety of animals.  They are used on horses and greyhounds to help calm them before races. Many people use flower essences on their pets in thunder storms and around holidays and events such as the 4th July, when they could become extremely excitable and skittish.

When working with animals, the faster uptake of the benefits of flower essences, may be due to their instincts and intuition and that is why so many holistic veterinarians treat animals extremely successfully with flower essences. The essences that they use are 100% natural and organic and safe for all animals in all conditions including pregnancy and medical ailments. Pets are sensitive to heat requiring more water and using essences in water helps them to stay hydrated.

Children accept the healing properties of flower essences more readily as they do not have the belief or faith in the outcome so the placebo effect does not come into play and they have less emotional complexities than adults.

Because they are colourless, tasteless and have no aroma, flower essences can be dispensed easily, by putting drops of the essence on or under the tongue, or into a bottle of water.

Balance is a premium, functional and homeopathic water which contains flower essences. Australian wildflowers grow in remote locations and to create the unique taste and benefits of Balance Water the wild-harvested flowers are delicately hand-picked and a distinctive essence is produced, and then added to locally sourced premium high altitude spring water. This enables a low carbon footprint and an environmentally sustainable product.




Stress and Flower Essences

We are all aware of the negative effects of stress. Did you know that most of us encounter stress on a weekly and sometimes daily basis? Acute stress passes quickly in a healthy person. Chronic or longer term stress has more serious physical and mental implications. The pathways of chronic stress and mental illness are a huge topic currently. Another aspect of stress is that it is increasingly being found in research studies to be one of the largest contributors to early aging and the loss of youthful appearance.

Stress affects your appearance in many ways such as graying hair, premature balding, stress lines or wrinkles on the face, lack of skin tone and skin conditions. When stressed, many people tend to further compound the problem by engaging in a number of unhealthy or destructive behaviors, including overeating, poor diet, lack of exercise and abusing drugs or alcohol.

It’s hard to completely avoid stress but there are strategies that you can use to cope with the symptoms of stress including, exercise, healthy diet, yoga, meditation, positive social interaction and sleep.

Certain naturopathic remedies may also prove useful particularly when used in conjunction with the above-mentioned approaches. One such remedy is Flower Essences, which are used by a growing number of people to help with mild temporary stress. Products such as Rescue Remedy® are well known and widely used to help with mild anxiety and tension. Flower Essences are 100% natural and non-habit forming.

Flower Essences are made by collecting flowers with specific naturopathic properties and infusing them in spring water for up to 4 hours in bright sunlight. The water that these flowers are infused in becomes what is known as the Mother Tincture which in turn is diluted further into dosage bottles. It’s important that the flowers used are organic and growing wild in remote and beautiful locations. Combinations of these flowers are used depending on their specific properties.

Flower Essences help to gently calm a person and remove blockages that cause us to ruminate or constantly stew over the same problem or issue. They help calm enough to release the stress or pent up anger of an unresolved confrontation whether it be a harsh word, a thoughtless or selfish act, a manipulative person, a road rage driver etc.

This type of temporary stress has implications with a person’s ability to concentrate, their sleep patterns, focus, irritability and overall mood and wellbeing.

There are other products on the market too which contain Flower Essences. Balance® is a beverage company which produces a spring water that uses different combinations of Australian Flower Essences in a ready to drink format with no flavour. They have varieties for focus and concentration (Balance Mind), emotional stress and tension that is sometimes cyclical (Balance Women), better sleep patterns and relaxation cycles (Balance Relax), and helping with jetlag and travel stress (Travel).

They are designed to be drunk in the same quantity and frequency as a regular spring water. The main benefit is gently returning or maintaining balance to a body’s natural equilibrium.

We can’t cotton wool ourselves from stress but with certain combinations of diet, physical exercise, mental relaxation exercises such as meditation and yoga and some natural supplements we can try and function effectively with it.

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